How loud are African Grey's?


May 23, 2017
Ive read multiple places saying they are good apartment birds and other places saying they're loud. So what's the truth? And I dont mean talking im asking about when they scream and how often they scream.
I've met a couple and the loudest they got was with sounds (trucks backing up, gunshots, alarms, etc) Although I did meet one that if you got near his cage he would growl and loudly click his tongue at you. But nothing near the scream of a sun conure or macaw!!!
My husbands grandma had one. When we visited her, it would talk but very soft. Almost like a whisper.... It kept saying "come here, come closer, I got something for you" to my 2 year old son and kept trying to bite him through the cage. It was so amazing to hear it actually talk like a human. It did click his tongue every now and then when it wanted attention. But never was too loud. You could only hear it in the room he was in.
Hi there! I have 2 - 25yr old greys. I have had one for the 25yrs (female timneh) . And other for the last 6 (his previous owner passed). A male Congo.
I can tell you they are both amazing, kind souls. However they can both get quite loud. The Timmeh I have had all through college, first marriage, raising my kids and now my second marriage- she has picked up on all sounds. She makes an annoying click sound when she wants to go to bed- it’s loud. On the other hand the male- sings opera- and laughs and thinks he is funny. He imitates the kids voices and my voice and messes with my husband. I really think for an Appartment they maybe be too much, but all of them are different. They are in my opinion the best parrots ever (adopt though please). There are too many people to get them and can’t handle it. So many in rescue if you decide to peruse. Good luck.
Pretty much agree with KrissyLou.

I had a Congo once. She was not terribly loud most of the time, just a lot of whistles and such, but sometimes when I cooked, she'd make the fire alarm sound. That was loud. I think they're generally too loud for most apartments, but it does depend on the individual bird and apartment.
My CAG does a lot of loud chirps and smoke alarm noises when I'm downstairs and she wants me to come see her. I can hear her a couple floors below (granted, the floors are hardwood so sounds travels easier) but she's never screeched or screamed.

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