How many chickens have you had total and how many lost?


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Mar 5, 2019
SE Missouri, USA
Have had chickens here for 11 years. No idea how many chickens have come and gone in that time. Three weeks ago, if you had asked me, I would have said we've lost maybe half a dozen or so to predation, mostly to raccoons, one or two to coyotes, snd perhaps two to hawks. We processed several and had a lot just die of old age. But my faithful little Sheltie is getting old and is spending her days in the house instead of on patrol, and while our birds were out free-ranging a week or so ago, a coyote stole my good BJG rooster and four or five of my hens. So we're not free-ranging any more. It's our biggest loss ever. We've not had illness; we keep a closed flock. We did lose one hen to a prolapsed vent; we culled her.

I would say to you and your girl friend that there is a fairly steep learning curve when you first start keeping chickens. We all make mistakes, and our mistakes tend to be costly in terms of chickens' lives. But we try to learn quickly from our mistakes and correct them as quickly as possible. The rewards are worth the effort.

There is such joy is keeping chickens. It took me a while to figure out what it is, but this is it for me: chickens are a bridge between wild and domestic animals. They aren't dogs or cats, they are BIRDS. Yet they feed at my feet, which cardinals and blue jays won't do. I love hearing them purr and cluck and cackle contentedly to one another and, yes, to me. It's such a homey sound. Hang in there, don't get discouraged. You'll do okay! ❤️
Oh, we currently have 16 adult hens, 2 - 3 years old with a rooster, and 18 chicks about 7 weeks old, six of which are cockerels headed to the freezer. The 3-year old hens will also be processed before too long. I love them all but space and finances do not permit keeping the retirees on social security indefinitely.


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Jul 12, 2021
23 chickens and we have only lost one to an ear infection. We live in the woods and our birds free ranged exclusively up until very recently. They are under a year old though so I'm sure we will lose more at some point.

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Jul 27, 2020
Southeast US
I currently have 24 chickens. Started with a flock of 18 sold and then hatched 28 this spring. Ive sold 13 roosters. I lost 1 of the original hens to a unknown predator and two more too illness (egg binding and sour crop). I also lost 5 chicks due to what we believe were hatching complications and one more to a chicken snake.


Mar 11, 2021
Victoria, Australia
At one point we had between 300-400. Lost them over the years to predetors and the girls couldn’t lay fast enough to catch up. We went chookless for a while but now we’ve got 5 chooks and are hoping to get a rooster soon.

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