How many chickens have you had total and how many lost?



Aug 4, 2021
How many total chickens have you/currently have and how many chickens have you lost to illness or predators? Don't include chickens slaughtered for meat, please. That is a controlled kill. We have owned a total of 24 chickens, We have lost 7 to predators and 2 to illnesses. Our ratio sucks. To be fair, We have moved to 3 different places with the chickens since owning them and we're about to get permanently situated now. We're about to build their permanent coop. Their current living situation is temporary and we've been reactionary to predators. That will finally change soon.

But to reassure my girlfriend who is worried about us losing so many beautiful hens, how many chickens how ya'll owned and how many have you lost? I am certain that things happen that are out of our control and that is part of the process. Thanks in advance for your responses.

I currently have nine chickens, and of this flock, I've lost only a couple of unhatched chicks, but nothing that's been running around.

Of all the chickens I've owned over the past ten years, I couldn't tell you how many I've had, or how many I've lost, but as far as predators, I've lost ZERO chickens that I know of to predators. All my deaths were sickness, such as respiratory and Merrick's disease and a couple of other things. I've owned a lot of chickens, but of my current flock, zero deaths.

If you ever have any chicken questions, such as a sick chicken, be sure to post a thread over here on BYC. There's plenty of people over here who'll be willing to help. ;)
I've been keeping chickens for over 5 years. I started out with 6. One died at about 1 year old from heart failure. Two died last year at 4 years old. One died of a hernia, the other from some kind of illness (still not exactly sure what was wrong with her). That left 3.
I added 4 new chickens last year. That made 7. One hen died this year, at 5 years old. She died suddenly and unexpectedly in her sleep. I think it was just old age (5 years is about average for her breed). That left 6.
I added 4 more almost 2 weeks ago. So I have 10 chickens now (8 hens, 2 roosters).
I’m guessing old age doesn’t count either?😉 I have a flock of about +37 (not counting our +30 chicks) and have only lost 3! One was a sudden death which happens sometimes when they grow wrong and stuff. One was an unhealthy polish who never had the normal red face or any of the healthy hen qualities. And the last one we recently lost to heatstroke. So I would say our odds have been good!😉 If you ensure safety for your animals then predators should not be a problem (but each case is different😉). Our hens also have a healthy environment where we live too so that could have something to do with ours!😁 That’s why we haven’t really had to deal with sickness🙂
I currently have 9 chickens. Five are from my first flock and just turned 1 year. Four were added this year & are 13 weeks old. None of my chickens has ever been sick, attacked or injured. I did have to re-home a rooster and a hen from my first flock due to behavioral issues (aggression/ feather picking).
We're about to build their permanent coop.

I've always kept from 15-22(over winter) to 35(during hatching time).
Lost maybe a half dozen or so to illness/injury over 7-8 years.
Lost none to predation as I keep them confined to a large fort know coop and pretty secure run.

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