How many eggs can a duck successfully sit on?


Sep 16, 2021
East Texas
One of my Welsh Harlequin hens looks as though she is broody. She was sitting on 4 eggs this morning, and I added another 3 collected from our other hens this morning, thinking, "Why not?" When I did this she tried to peck at me and ran off a short way, but returned and sat on all 7 eggs and is hissing at me if I get close. Pretty sure she is serious, from that reaction!

I know chicken hens can handle quite a few eggs, but I'm not sure what is a safe amount for a lighter-sized duck?

Also, she's not in the best place...inside a yet-to-be filled raised garden with a tarp haphazardly over her (yes, I am woefully behind this year!) We just built a hoop coop for the chickens and I was going to shift the ducks to their old coop (no raised nesting box, so it will work). Do I dare move her and the eggs into it?

I suppose if I break her broodiness it's fine, as we weren't necessarily planning on ducklings right now...but as she is our first broody, I would be fine with it as well.
I sure wouldn't let her sit outside. She'd be pardon the pun a sitting duck.
She may not continue to sit but it is worth a try. Give her a private place in the coop I put up a piece of ply wood screw it to the wall so it's like half a teepee they like privacy.
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Well, it got hot around noon and she left the nest. I guess she wasn't THAT broody, but if she'd had a better location she might have stuck with it.

Next project: Getting the ducks into their new home

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