How many eggs can I fit in a 12x12x8 box???


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Mar 5, 2008
I'm using the 12x12x8 and the flat rate boxes, and I've noticed that I can fit 18-20 eggs in the boxes. Am I packing them wrong?? The person who suggested I used the 12x12x8 said that usually you can only fit 16 eggs in there, and these are standard size eggs. They end up being in 2 layers, with a little room for movement so they're not packed too tight. Are they not supposed to be put on top of each other??? Each egg is individually bubble wrapped, and large bubble bubblewrap is lining the box.
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It really depends on how you pack them. I can fit probably 4 dozen LF eggs in a 12x12x8 box, 3 dozen + for sure
There is nothing wrong with stacking them, so long as they are well cushioned. I only use the big boxes for large orders, everything else is put into a #4 (7x7x6)

4 dozen is by wrapping each egg in paper (towel, toilet, whatever), placing in an egg carton, then wrapping the whole carton in bubble wrap. You can fit 4 12-count cartons in a #7 box.
With my packing and bubble wrap I can only fit 24 nicely in the 12 x 12 x 8 Priority boxes.
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quail eggs don't count!!! Thanks for the replies, I just wanted to make sure it was okay to stack them!!

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