How many peas kept together?


11 Years
Aug 5, 2008
Central NY
I read through some other threads, and some said they have kept many peas together, but it didn't completely answer my questions.

I had gotten 4 pea chicks (2 white and 2 that were "supposed" to be IB- think they are blue or green spalding or something other than just IB). They were all hatched abt 6/13-14 of this year.

I *think* the 2 blue/green are both males due to the barring. The whites I can't tell, but I saw one of the whites (the smaller of the two that I thought might be female) on top of one of the blue/green ones.

Now I am thinking at least 1 white maybe is a male.

Now I was just given 2 IB peacocks (male) that are '08 hatches.

Should I just wait until I know for sure what they are, then if I have, for instance, only one hen, separate the hen and one of the males to another pen, and leave the rest of the males together? When will I be able to tell what the white ones are?
Should I rehome the 2 '08 peacocks and not keep them?

If those were all mine i would wait. The boys will all get along until the hen is old enough to breed.... at 2 years old. At that point you can pair her with a mate, and also have a bachelor pen for the others. You could also be on the lookout for somone selling hens

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