How much feed (not ranging) do your chickens go through per month?

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    I'm referring to pellets or chick starter...not goodies from your kitchen that they get or buggies and greens they find in the yard. I'm just curious as to how much a full grown chicken goes through in feed per month? We will end up having 4 hens (a long time from now because they're still incubating, lol) I already ordered chick starter (Thank you Fred!)....just wondering for future reference.

    Also - what brands do you use and why? Do you mix and match different grains (some I have read do, which I didn't know about). If you do this, why? If you don't do this, why? Those kinds of things. =D

    Thanks in advance
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    That's kind of a tough question to answer because I have both free ranging and some which are always confined. My flocks will eat more 'chicken feed' in the winter than summer months. The norm is I'll feed a 50# bag to 24 chickens in about a three week period.

    Feeding chickens varies with breed and activity. Chickens which are confined will eat less than ones which run around in a coop and run area. Free rangers tend to eat even less chicken feed. Factors influencing feed consumption includes, breed type, how much they exercise, climate, the caloric and nutritional density of feed.

    Since you have four chickens a 50# bag will last you quite awhile. As far as brands go. I shop around for 'what's the best deal while looking at the quality of the feed I'm providing. Chicken feed prices have went up over the past few months. I generally switch between three brands. Kalmbach Feeds, Purina FlockRaiser and Pen Pals brand which is made by ADM Alliance. That's due to those brand being available in our area. I'd love to be able to try other brands I've heard about but cannot find them in our area.
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    I feed a full 5 gallon bucket full a day.
    I mix oats and wheat ( soaked in water for 24-48 hours ) with cracked corn, laying pellets and a little laying crumbles and used egg shells crumbled. occasionally a handful of oyster shells ( most of which are left in the feeder until they run out ) and once every few weeks I'll even toss in a handful of dry cat food.
    in substitution to the oats wheat and corn ( if I did not buy enough to carry me through ) I'll feed 3 or 5 grain scratch ( depending on what is available)
    After my summer attacks by predators what I am feeding is 7 laying age hens 1 rooster and about 60 young ones ranging from a couple months to to before laying age.
    I do this because I've been paying 8 dollars a 100 weight for the corn and having it cracked. 40 dollars a barrel for the oat/wheat mix ( approx. 440 pounds ) Compare that to the 14 dollars a 50 weight ( 28 dollars a 100 weight ) for the feed store gains. makes raising chickens alot more affordable AND I have healthier and happier chickens.
    ONE thing I have noticed is with the chick starter/grower pick a brand and a supplier and stick with it. I run my incubator for several other people as well as my own eggs. The people that buy their starter/grower from here , there and anywhere have a much higher fatality rate and you can bank on chicks not coping well with different brands. I buy all mine from one place and stick with the same brand and have yet to loose chicks .
    With the chicks, make sure they never ever run out of starter/grower or water
    when they get to laying age ( call it 6 months ) feed just enough for them to clean it all up on a daily basis. if you have feed left out there. make them clean it up before feeding them more and cut back on what your feeding. the last thing you want is feed to get scattered on the ground and spoil. then the chickens get it and die.
    my birds are drinking about 7 gallons of water a day.
    Free ranging does not effect how much I feed.
    the soaked oats swell to about twice their normal size when soaked. adds moisture to the birds for healthier eating. and better digestion.
    I know I get long winded... but hey, you are the one that asked for it LOL
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    There are a few things that control the amount of feed a chicken will eat;
    Type, Form and Brand of feed, Breed, Large Fowl or Bantam, Genetics, Age and Environment all can play a role on just how much your bird/s will eat.

    My Large Fowl Exhibition Red ranging in age from 1 year old to 8 years old will eat on a average about .25 pounds to .50 pounds of feed per head a day (7.5 to 15.0 lbs per head per month)
    Now that is on my mix that I mix myself and this mix will change according to season, if they are in the breeding pen or not, the age of the fowl and if they are being prep for a show.

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    Lots of very good information here, thank you y'all!
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    Jul 26, 2012
    my pullets are almost 14, and almost 12 weeks old, (i have 7) and I go through about 50lbs in about a month and a half.
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    and i only have one kind of chicken feed around me, blue seal. but i MAKE SURE that i have organic feed.

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