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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Country Gal, Jul 30, 2008.

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    I was on e-bay last week looking at the hatching egg selection. I was most interested in Marans and Welsummers because I've come to the conclusion that my lone Welsummer hen may NEVER lay an egg![​IMG]

    Last summer I purchased 6 Welsummer eggs (from e-bay) and I paid around $20 for them. There were several bids open for 6 Maran eggs and some of the bids were already into the mid $50 range, plus shipping! I thought this may be a little extreme, especially considering that there is no guarantee that they will hatch.

    This leads me to the question - what is the most you have paid for hatching eggs? ($ amount, quantity, breed) Is it normal for some people to pay an average of $10+ for each egg???

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    Hi there...caveat emptor or buyer beware...

    I have found that its more important to do your research on the breeder or hatchery before plunking down any cash. I look on the board here for breeder feedback and if I am looking for a particular breed I look for someone who seems to know what they are doing. I have bought eggs from private breeders here and on eggbid, and I have stumbled upon a few good names for the future as I decide which breeds I like best and want to specialize in. Now as for price--everything is relative--if the eggs are coming from a Marans breeder who can prove eggs that are 6 or higher on the color scale--then I would gladly fork over more money for eggs. Now if you are just looking for eye candy or pet quality birds--then you shouldn't overspend. I am sure you can find decent Welsummers or Marans for less--but they have been popular this year. By the way when I get more room and they become available I am looking forward to getting some 6/7/8 Wheaten Marans which will probably run me over $100 a dozen. But until then--I say practice with cheeper eggs...[​IMG]
  3. Not sure, but I couldnt see myself spending over $30-$40.00 on eggs. Dont spend more than your willing to lose. [​IMG]

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