How often do standard Cochins lay?


9 Years
Oct 31, 2010
Green Bay, Wisconsin
I finally got my first egg ever from my girls last week, Thursday.

They are standard Cochins that I got last September, which makes them about 6 months old. The problem is that I haven't gotten another one yet. How often should they be laying? Should I get worried if I don't get another one soon?

I can't speak for any one elses flock except my own, but our's aren't very good layers. I keep them mainly for eye candy. Our standard partridge cochins are laying about 2 eggs a day with I think it's 6 hens and about the same with the splash cohin bantams with five hens and two pullets. Every now and then we'll get three eggs in a day and sometimes just one.
I'm sure there has to be better laying strains out there, but ours are just for looks.
Yeah, I knew when I ordered them that they weren't very good layers. But they sure are pretty!

I was just hoping that once they started laying that they would keep up. I have 7 hens, and we were just looking for eggs for our family, so hopefully it will be enough for us.

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