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Dec 8, 2020
Hi, Im hatching 2 eggs (only 2 of them were viable when I candled day 10) and I was just wondering how often y'all candle you're eggs and what you're hatch rate with how often you candle you're eggs is. I have candled mine on day 2 day 10 and planning to candle day 13 (today) and then right before lockdown. this is the 5th bath of eggs I've hatched (3rd in Bator rest were under hen) but I've usually candled like every other day to every 4 days and my hatch rate was from 85 to 100 percent and most of the eggs that didn't hatch never developed so were probably duds or infertile, also id love to start a hatch along in this thread of people who are hatching eggs that are around day 13, me and my friend are already doing one on our own so yeah ill post updates on when I candle and when they hatch and same with her eggs! thanks!

here's a pic of candling on day 10 ill post my day 13 pic later tonight!


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