How?? Possibly rooster on rooster?


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Apr 7, 2016
Sorry kind of graphic, but how does that even happen? This is the young one I'm fairly certain is a rooster, and yesterday morning, all the birds, in the coop, and were fine. Yesterday afternoon, all the birds were still in the coop, hadn't been let out at all, and no signs of anything getting into the coop either, and I find this. Could it be rooster on rooster? And how do I even clean that? The skin is gone. Have the bird seperated while I try to figure out what to do. Bird seems unbothered by it.


They're pretty tough. I would slap some neosporin on it and keep him seperated untill it has healed up. The other chickens will peck at if its bleeding
I have two of these red chickens. Been told they are production reds. I know I'm getting eggs from at least one of them, but they both crow. Is that normal? They also both present themselves to the older rooster, and sit in the nesting boxes like they are brooding. Would you be able to say by the photos this one is for sure a roo or a hen?
Hi, I'd flush the wound with white vinegar and water, spray vetericyn on the wound, and spray with blue kote. Blue Kote will stop the others from pecking it. Neosporin is also a good choice.

Sorry, don't know about the genders. Best of wishes to you.

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