How soon after the first dust treatment for lice I need to do it again

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    I bought a Bantam Cochin mix that has lice. Today I washed her with flea and thick shampoo for cats ( she was FULL with lice) and tomorrow I will do the Sevin dust treatment.
    - How soon after the first dust treatment I can do it again and how many times?
    - How long do I need to keep the chicken in quarantine?
    - After the lice is gone what chances she has to get it again? will the extermination be permanent if my chicken area and coop are kept in very good conditions? ( for only 11 Bantams I have a 15x30 covered fenced run, I keep hay on the bottom of the coop and change it twice/week)
    I had my Bantams since they where only few days old and they never had any parasites, this is new for me so I'm freaking out a little bit. I want to make sure I do everything the right way and don't exposed my girls to any parasites.
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    I think the next time I treat, I'm going to do like JoeBryant and buy enough liquid sevin to dip everyone by their head down into a bucket of it... and then spray their head!...and I'll probably do it twice a year. I know I get mine from all the wild birds that try to fly into the run.
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    Quote:I recommend you redust again in 10-14 days. Dust where you're keeping the Bantam Cochin as well and redust 10-14 days. Keep her quarantined for at least 30 days, if anything else shows up you'll have time to treat it. I clean out my coop once a week, remove the soiled hay and put fresh hay in it including their nests. I LIGHTLY sprinkle the hay, nests included, with sevin dust. No problems with lice/mites. No need to freak out, there are worse things. Good luck.
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    I retreat in 7 - 10 days. This treatment is not optional. You must do the second treatment.

    And I would re-treat in 7 - 10 days after that. I do this extra treatment to MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS KILLED.
    On this treatment, you should be seeing NO SIGNS of bugs, eggs, etc.

    Wait 7 - 10 days AND INSPECT. If you are still clear, then it is ok to add her to the flock.

    If you follow the process and do all the re-treatments, she will be pure as freshly fallen snow. She will not bring anything into your flock. Lice come from other birds ( wild birds) that have them. You may not have an issue with wild birds. My flock got lice once. After I did all the dipping, I give them a prevative dip every 6 months when I worm. If they do not show any signs of lice - - I only treat once. If there are any lice on any birds, THEN THE WHOLE FLOCK gets the 3 time treatment.

    I use the adams flea and tick dip with growth inhibitor. That is suppose to have an added boost to kill / prevent the infesetations for 90 days after treatment.

    The dip needs to be done early in the day and on a sunny day. You don't want the girl to catch a chill. An alternative to the dip is just using sevin DUST the same way. . . .treat, retreat, retreat, and inspect.

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