How soon can I give Ivomec after Wazine17?


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I treated with Wazine17 yesterday because I saw roundworms on the poop board. Now, as I also suspected, I've got a 10-week-old pullet with gapeworm. I haven't looked down her throat, but she's doing the craning her neck thing and opening her mouth followed by shaking her head. She's not lethargic, but she's definitely doing these movements. She's still eating and interested in treats. I've got a video of it, but it's taking forever to load to youtube.

My question is how long do I have to wait until I can treat with Ivomec or valbazen? I was planning on waiting 2 weeks after Wazine17 and doing valbazen, but I need to order that online since I can't find locally. I can get Ivomec at TSC today. So can I treat as soon as I get the ivomec? Will it hurt my birds? I have 4 pullets at 10weeks old.

Thank you for your assistance,
Call a good feed store and they can tell you. I typically wait two weeks but in your case, I would call. If push comes to shove I'd chance it on the one bird anyway. The Wazine as the first wormer is simply to lighten the load on the bird by eliminating the worms in a couple of steps. You just may need to do it all at once despite having given Wazine recently.

jmho on what little I know and reason on it.

ETA - Or if you have a relationship with a vet, they can tell you of any interaction problems on the phone. Hopefully, someone with more knowledge than me shows up.
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Thank you for the advice, mdbokc.
I was able to upload the video.
She's the pullet on the far right. Little Liz does the tell-tale gaping motion at about 21 seconds in and shakes her head . I kept filming, but she didn't do it again until I stopped the camera.

I think I'll pick up the ivomec and hang on to it and watch her. I'll try to check her throat later. If she stops eating or the gaping gets worse, then I'll treat her with ivomec. I don't want to over-medicate.

Thanks again!
She doesnt have gapeworm. She wouldnt be able to swallow feed, she would literally be gasping for air and she would die from suffocation. You can take a Q-tip and stick it 1 inch down her throat and gently swab it. Then remove it and if you see a red in color "Y" shaped worm on the Q-tip, that's gapeworm. You can worm 10-14 days after using wazine. I usually reworm on the tenth day. Since your feed store only has ivomec products, see if you can find a 250ml bottle of ivermectin pour on, OR, if you can find a 250ml bottle of eprinex, that will work just as well for worming. Both products will be in the cattle section. Dosage for either wormer is 1/2cc for standard size chickens and 1/4cc for smaller chickens. You would use 1/4cc on your pullets that I saw in your video. You can use a syringe without a needle and put the liquid wormer drops on bare skin on the back of their necks, 1/4cc per bird, it will be absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream. Here's a pic of what gapeworm looks like in a chickens windpipe. They multiply rapidly and choke a chicken by suffocation as you can see. The windpipe in the middle is gapeworm free and normal looking.
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It's good to know that it's not likely gapeworm. I was thinking one of my hens had gapeworm too, but it was not long after I wormed them, and that didn't make sense. But then I read that they'll also do that when they're rearranging their crops, normal behavior, which I didn't know.
Oh, so she could be rearranging her crop when she makes those gape-like movements? Thanks NHchicks, that's good to know!

Dawg53, you are a wealth of information and I will take your advice.
I found some Safeguard liquid goat wormer at another feed store and will use that after 14 days.

Thank you!!

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