How steep can ducks climb?


Mar 16, 2018
So I just got chicks and ducklings. I know it will be a while before they're big enough to be outside and handle the cold etc but I'm asking in advance....
Due to configuration I have to build a run that goes up over the door to my lawn mower she'd and down the other side into the big run. I know it'll need a solid bottom and rungs across for grip and obviously wire on the other 3 sides. I'm quite confident that the chickens can do it as apparently they climb. But....can ducks do it? How steep can they climb?
I wouldn’t advise it. You would have to make a looooong ramp in order for them to be able to climb. My ducks DO NOT like to climb. But I have large breeds too like Pekins and Cayugas.
x2. I have pekins and blue Swedish. They hate to climb. I have to boost them up a 14-inch ramp to get them to go in at night in the wintertime. My muscovies are alright with it, but they're not exactly standard examples of ducks.
I’d maybe try to find an alternative if it’s possible. Ducks are not the most graceful of creatures- especially the larger breeds. My Rouens struggle with anything higher than about 4-5 inches but then again, they have managed to stay...umm “big boned” despite the long winter!
Hmm maybe I can devise some kind of run that could open for the lawnmower to come out and go through and then be closed again with temporary gates so they didn't all escape while we did that. I have buff orpingtons
Do you know what breed your ducks are? I think they’d be the problem. As you said, the chickens should be fine with the height. Cleaning the elevated run might be a chore as both birds tend to use the bathroom whenever and wherever the urge hits them.

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