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The Chicken-Boy

Aug 12, 2015
The Poultry Palace, VA, USA
First question: I accidentally shut my chickens (who are a year old) out of the coop for the day! ugh..... will they be ok we only found 1 egg outside so not sure if they all had one outside or if they held them, (do they even do that?) or what, I am hoping that there will be no ill effects! I live in vermont and it was warm today, they had access to food and water but I am a worry wart! Someone Help!
If they are fine now and are acting ok you can calm down. And no, chickens don't hold on to eggs (or not for long).

Please reply!

The Chicken-Boy


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Jan 14, 2016
I read this in the "rules section".
18. Don't bump up ancient or out dated posts!!!

I do not know what this means. Do you?

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