How to breed to get Jubilee orpington?

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    Hello all, I have recently purchased 2 Blue Orpington roosters and 1 hen of the same. I love their colors, and want to definately hatch out some chicks from them. I ran across the Jubilee Orpington and read one post on mixing Blue Orpington with Speckled Sussix. I found this very interesting, especially since I have 2 roos. I just need to know if this is right, and how to keep breeding them back to get even better coloration? Do you breed brother and sister, or father and daughter, how's that work? And does it matter which is which as far as the hen and rooster are concerened? Like does the sussix have to be a roo or hen versus the blue? I feel dumb, but I am new to mixing colors. I so far only breed standard color breeds( RIR, Bard Rock, Buff Orpington, Ameraucana). I have a great sportsmans incubator, and have hatched out hundreds of chicks to sell. I have hatching knowledge, just not the color mixing. Now that spring chick fever is winding down I want to dabble in this interesting venture. Any helpful knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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