How to clean sheep skin?

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    Besides taking to the dry cleaner which I do not want to do (obnoxious chemicals) how would you clean a sheepskin rug/throw? It is not so much dirty with spills and such as it is yellow from being in a smokers house. Would you use hair shampoo and some kinda of brush?
    Should I use some conditioner afterward?
    Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions are welcome.

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    [​IMG] Good Gosh, should have know it would be you to be the first to respond, [​IMG] woman how do you post as much as you do AND research?

    Thanks! [​IMG]
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    I have no idea, really. It's a gift.

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    *oops, secret's out!*
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    Quote:[​IMG] [​IMG] you two are such a hoot! [​IMG]
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    Quote:I think they make shampoo for it specificlly. I remember having a sheepskin for the baby crib from germany along with shampoo to clean it. Would cleaner for sheepwool socks work?

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    If you can't find the shampoo go to a local feed and seed - get a soap called ORVUS the only problem is it is a large container usually and can be kinda pricey but it has a million uses and is super gentle and goes on forever! We use to use it to bathe the horses and never had any problems. just a little dab was enough to clean two horses head to hoof. It is even safe to use on all your delicate craft stuffs made of fabric. will not bleach colors or anything!
    Use luke warm water trying not to saturate the skin side and absolutely no heat for drying and you should be fine!
    After it is COMPLETELY DRY you can use the fluff cycle on your regular dryer to fluff it up for you.. just remember NO HEAT!
    If you line dry remember that the sun is a heat source so put it in a shady area where the sun will NOT get to it until it is dry 100,000%

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