How to do a sanitary trim on vent feathers

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    I'm having my perpetually messy tail chicken checked out on Monday. Assuming she checks out ok, I would consider doing a sanitary trim on her. I had a couple of questions. One is if that should be necessary? My other two chickens seem to be ok, so I'm not sure why this one would be different. The other question is how/what to trim to help keep things cleaner.
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  3. SusanD

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    Ah, well I hope it's not that. But if it is, hopefully they can give me advice on how to treat and I can get it taken care of. Sounds like she may have some baths in her future.
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    The other thing, when I picked up a comparison chicken, she dripped water on the ground. Is that a sign of vent issues, or could that just mean that she had a lot of water in her system? If vent issues, I would want to get her checked too. She has been laying normally as far as I can tell.
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