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    Apr 18, 2010
    Figured this goes here, as it is really a legal issue in the end.

    The neighbors...ooohhh....the neighbors...have a devil dog that runs loose and a small child to match! Already threatened to shoot the dog flat out if I catch it trying to eat a chicken, horse, pig, my dog, cat, me - he's that bad. Still runs loose, but less so than before. The kid...well I can't shoot him, so what do I do?

    came home today to find him standing by a hoop coop in the front yard, feeding blueberries to my chicks...ONE BERRY AT A TIME! This caused a frenzy! Several were trompled/pecked to death, several just barely hanging on, and he was standing there laughing about it. I of course flipped out screaming, yelling cussing because I have HAD IT.

    We live in the country - dirt road, minimal fencing, really hate the thought of having to turn my house into fort knox over them, they rent, the kid is like 6. What can we do? Calling animal control over the dog got me what do we do about a freaking kid? I don't want to start a war with them, but after my performance today in the yard it may be too late. In all honesty, I called him several things I usually wouldn't even dare to call my worst enemy...but anyone standing there getting enjoyment from watching a small animal die, no matter how old they are, 6 or 60, well, it's just sick and REALLY set me off. I hate living like this, but I DON'T RENT - like they do- so we can't just pick up and move either.

    Does anyone know/have any experience with something like this? How did you handle it? I know laws vary from place to place, but advice would be appreciated. Speaking with the parents...well...that didn't work until I told them that the kid out with the horses could get killed - over a thousand pounds of horse vs. small child...well, they saw the sense in that...don't think it will work with the chickens though...the threat of impending doom and bodily harm is just not there with a I am at a loss and sick in my soul as well...I have some roosters that have a date set for freezer camp and we still treat them better than to cause a massacre and watch and's comforting to know they are training a little serial killer...really, isn't that how so many of them started? With small animals as children? How do I resolve this?
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    Mar 17, 2010
    Not something I normally advocate because this agency can make your life awful, but sounds like since this child is sadistic and neglected they might be necessary. Child Protective Services and the police. Unsupervised 6 year old, on your property, torturing animals. Parents are idiots.

    I am sorry about your chickens. I would have been super crazy over something like that.
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    I would probably get "banned" from BYC's if i said things like...... bear traps, high voltage wire, or underground fencing holding in very mean dogs [​IMG] , so we wont go there! (just kidding)....but i would go over & tell the parents of what this child [​IMG] is doing to your animals! and if it continues that you will call the authorities, be it the police, or social services, or maybe the owner of the house, you cant continue having that kind of stuff going on, and why are the parents letting the child wander on your property, or any where else for that matter unsupervised???? so not smart!!!
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    Quote:Call CPS, skip the parents. Six years old and wandering onto your property, the parents don't care. Next time he is there call the sheriff for a trespasser, just don't say how old the kid is.
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    May 17, 2010
    I agree with calling the police and/or CPS. Next time you see the child wandering 'loose' call 911 and say there is an abandoned child wandering around, that should get someone's attention. You aren't going to make any friends but it sounds like that is long passed. You could also make a citizen's arrest (you have to witness a misdemeanor but only have knowledge of a felony, at least in CA).
    If you can contact the owner of the house they rent that might help if he/she knows that someone is neglecting children on his/her property. Also, depending on what you do for a living, some people are required by law to report child abuse/neglect. I am a teacher and I would have to report something like that to CPS or I would lose my teaching license, job and possibly go to jail.
    Sorry you have to go through that, kind of ironic how certain areas ban people from owning chickens but anyone can have a child...[​IMG]
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    The wheels of CPS turn really slow when there is actually something bad happening [​IMG]

    There are LOTS of ways to "convince" someone to move......all's fair in love and war as far as I'm concerned, but you said you didn't want a war.

    Sue the parents for the cost of the birds - I think the going price in small claims court is about $25 each.
  7. heatherindeskies

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    May 23, 2010
    SE Minnesota
    You do have the right to put up electric fencing around your enclosure to protect your birds from any predators.
  8. Debob

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    Apr 17, 2010
    Put up an electric fence,an hang a strip of bacon from it. That should take care of the dog problem. As far as the child, call both the police and children services.Parents won't care,maybe after being cited for the loss of your chicks they might get that they need to watch their kid.
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    Apr 20, 2008
    Get a paintball gun and color their dog pink next time it comes over. Maybe the same with the kid.
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    May 21, 2010

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