How to introduce the newbies?!!!


5 Years
Feb 27, 2014
In my coop with my chicks!
I have ordered 5 chicks from cackle hatchery and I'm introducing them to my three sweet hens once they are old enough. How in the world do I do that without anyone dying? I've heard many strategies. Whats the best way? I want to hear from people who have used the strategies that they claim is the best.
Anything will help thanks!
What has worked the best and easiest for me for many years is to have a pen available for the youngsters to move into when they are old enough (about 5 weeks) that is alongside the older girls so they can see them all day, every day. Let them stay in that pen for several weeks, at least until the young ones are about the same size as the older birds so they are better able to defend themselves. I let my new birds out with the older birds at about 10 - 12 weeks old. By that time the older ones have seen them in their run so much that integration is very easy, there are still pecking order scuffles but they are minor. Doing it this way means much less stress for the new birds and less headaches for me!

Your older hens may seem sweet but chickens HATE newcomers and they are brutal! A longer introduction will make things go much smoother.
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