How to keep quail manure.


9 Years
Jan 2, 2011
if you want to keep quail manure to use latter on the garden how is the best way to keep it? Thanks
Put it in a pile away from the house.
Unless you want to become one of those indoor compost nuts...
Good Lord made garbage disposals and hefty bags for that.
Most bird manure needs to sit for about 6 months if you are keeping it in a pile by itself. You can mix it with other compostables like leaves, grass clippings, kitchen scraps etc, and turn and water it about once a week to encourage it to break down faster. Otherwise the high nitrogen content will burn most seedlings.
The higher the nitrogen content, the faster the nitrogen most cases. The chemistry gets complicated.

As JJ points out...Don't put raw quail poop in the garden, because it will set off a rapid nitrogen cycle that will burn up most plant life.

If you are an avid com-poster, then treat it like what ever you add to the pile to increase the nitrogen cycle. It has less nitrogen (by weight) than Ammonium Nitrate. If you add that to your compost mix, then you may have to add more quail poop (by weight), to get the same effect.

I'm not a chemist, but I play one on TV
If it's winter (cold weather) you can store it in garbage cans or plastic tubs til you get a compost pile going again in the Spring. Then you can layer it with grass clippings and other waste material to balance the greens and browns.

This is best only if you have DRY waste, though -- not particularly wet bedding or waste that hasn't had time for moisture to evaporate from.

I'm no chemist, but I did stay at a HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS last night

The only reason I know about a NITROGEN CYCLE is because I raised tropical fish for decades, before I got addicted to birds. It's different in water than it is on land, but the cycle is similar.

I just pile mine up in a well drained area, then a year or 2 later, my neighbor comes over, totes it over to his place and puts it on his garden. I swap quail eggs for produce...It's a win, win thing.
I was doing a search on this which brought me to this thread. I'd like to bring it back up with an add on question: I have rabbits and rabbit manure is a 'cold' fertilizer. I also have red worms underneath the cages because red worms love the droppings and in turn produce worm castings (poop) which itself is awesome fertilizer. So the question is can you add the quail poop to the rabbit/worm manure pile without an issue? Or should it be left by itself?

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