How to Know If your Roosters are trying to kill eachother or is it just a squabble

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    I thought i'd make a thread on How to know if your roosters are Killing eachother.

    I have saw and heard too many "Accidental" killings with roosters.Mainly because people just think its a normal misunderstanding type fight or a squabble,when really your roosters are destined to kill eachother.

    First off,letting roosters fight on your farm,homestead etc is defiantly not illegal.

    How do you know if just a squabble:Chickens use their binks,wings,legs,and spurs to fight.
    When a rooster is in a sqaubble it generally isnt bleeding nearly half to death,its mane shouldnt be soaked in blood.They usually just kick eachother smash their beaks into eachother and after a few minutes or so,things are back to normal.

    They shouldnt be spurring eachothers faces,shredding combs,making eachother gush blood.That is not a sqaubble,that is a fight to the death.Roosters can make eachother bleed so bad (Trust me I know,I have had bad experience.)
    They will not hestiate to kill eachother when in a "Serious" fight.I have had roosters "Eyes" get spurred,even broken necks (But I was not there to stop it....)If your are witnessing a fight that intense,stop it immediatly....
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    Very good.

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