How to teach them where to go to bed!?

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I'm ready to transition mine to the coop full time. I've been leaving them out later and later. Went out to pick them up in the dark a few minutes ago and they were huddled up in a corner of the run acting very cold. They have a nice cozy coop...they go in and out all the time, but don't seem to know to sleep there. Is there a way to help them figure this out?
I just put mine into their coop. Even though their enclosures is totally safe, I still don't like them to sleep out there. Anyways, I just pick them up and pop them in the coop, perhaps even on the roost. Once half of them are in, the rest follows. Perhaps a little light in the coop might help or their favourite food?
They just need to "learn" where to go to bed. At dusk, go out and pick up each girl and put her into the coop through the pop door. Do this each night, and eventually you'll go out to find that everyone has put themselves to bed. Some learn quicker than others, so be patient. No need to add light or entice them with food. They just don't know what to do yet. I promise they'll learn.

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Mine learned where bed was on the fourth night. I bribed them.

From around 3 weeks old I started giving them a mash...their chick start mixed with plain yogurt and applesauce. I was giving it to them every was their "breakfast" (even though they have dry starter at all times). When I moved them out to their coop 4 days ago, I started giving them their "breakfast" when it was time for bed, so it turned out to be "dinner". I had to chase and catch them the first night to put them in the coop. The second night I had to to chase 2. The third night I didn't have to chase any...they weren't in the coop, but...when they heard me calling them from inside the coop, they came running. Last night I opened the coop door to give them their "dinner" and they were all already up on the roost ready for bed!

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