How to treat run after worm detection


May 23, 2020
Southwest Georgia, USA
I have lost two birds to worms. I am a chicken newbie and have a big learning curve. I am learning what to watch for, and to pay closer attention. My remaining 5 girls look good. Today, one pooped while I was noticing and she had two long skinny white worms in her droppings. They were alive. I now have treated my birds for worms. I have cleaned up and hosed down the coop and run as best I could. Is there anything I should put on the ground to help sanitize?


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Nov 27, 2008
Glen St Mary, Florida
What wormer did you use?
The worms you saw are large roundworms. Worms cannot survive outside their host and will die. There will be eggs on and in the soil. UV rays from the sun will kill eggs on soil. Keeping everything as dry as possible helps deter parasitic infections. Sand is best for pens and runs.
I recommend that you worm your birds according to your soil conditions. Since you live in southwest Georgia, your soil is warm and moist most of the time and will require frequent wormings. I used to live in southeast Georgia and now northeast Florida where the soil is the same. I worm my birds monthly.
Perhaps you should start worming your birds once every 3 or 4 months on a regular basis and see how it goes. You might have to worm sooner than that, but you can adjust your worming schedule as needed.

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