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12 Years
Oct 16, 2010
This is my first year with chickens. Oddly enough I got into them after my mother asked me to do some research on raising a back yard flock. It seemed far too easy and who does'nt relish fresh bright yolk eggs sunny side up over toast? Father banned her from adding to his chore list and I stole her idea for myself;)

Stared with 6 two week old pullets.
Lost 3 at 5 weeks to mink in first few days outside.

Finished building the chicken tractor and got 3 more one week pullets.
Lost one to a stray cat at 6 weeks. Discovered it lived under the house that day.
It no longer lives:D

Recently added 2 five month "Leggerns".
Girls wont get in the coop, dang timid and flighty.

So now we wait with black coffee and buttered toast for a fresh egg to make it just right.......
and wait....
still waiting....
I was gone for the day Friday so had to keep the girls locked in the run.

Came home to find my first egg in the nesting box. Of course there were none yesterday and has me thinking they've been laying somewhere else...Hm, going to double check the bushes today and see if they started their own nest.

Not bad though, a medium egg with nice hard shell from just under 23 week Barred Rock (or black star, both have been squating for over a week now). I believe the sea shell suplement did the trick for hard shells
Hi all!

I've just registered on BYC so am introducing myself: My name's Mark and with my partner Liz, we currently look after 19 rehomed battery hens in Hampshire, England. We've also got one dog and one cat.

Looking forward to chatting with you all,

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