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    Jul 19, 2019
    I cannot get my humidity levels to stabilize in our incubator. Woke up this morning and it had dropped to 28%!!! Added a little bit of water and it jumped to 75%. It's currently at 70%. This is a daily thing and we are currently at day 6 of incubation. Could it be that I have too many eggs in the incubator. It's. 24 count incubator and we have 24 large eggs in there of all different breeds. Is there an easier way to keep the humidity levels stable? What % should I be aiming for?
    Last month we hated 6 silkie eggs with no problem and all are doing well keeping the humidity at around 50%. We're trying to add to our flock but this is stressful. Lol
    Any help is appreciated!
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    Hi there welcome to BYC. :frow

    Thing to remember about humidity is that it's effected by how WIDE your surface area of water is. Wider are equals higher humidity. However, how deep it is effect how long your humidity will stay at it's current level. once it dries out, humidity drops.

    I most often use a separate container for my water n order to control humidity instead of the bottom wells, if I have room inside the bator. Sometimes a wide mouth jar, or a bowl, or even just a Rx pill bottle with tops cut off. Keeping them full will ensure they don't dry out over night.

    No it should not be a problem with how many eggs you have set.

    Hopefully these tips will help some :fl

    Happy hatching!:jumpy:jumpy

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