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    Jun 1, 2008
    I hope someone knows the answer. humidity while incubating and hatching is my#1 problem. ok, if i removed three eggs i know were developing a live chick(now under a broody) and left some that i am not sure are developing or are not fertile(dark eggs)would the humidity
    stay constant because the chicks are not drawing up the moisture because the eggs i left are not going to develope?before, i have noticed the more fertile eggs i have in the bator, the more i have to add water to up the humidity. i removed those three eggs, and all of a sudden the humidity stays the same. its quite frustrating! [​IMG]
  2. In my experience the humidity stays the same...eggs or no eggs. The idea is to keep the eggs from losing too much water weight too soon. Eggs don't take up the moisture. An egg should lose about 14% of it's weight before hatching. Have you ever noticed how light an egg is that is within 12 hours of hatching?

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