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    Well, I just turned on my incubator and will be setting eggs late next week. I calibrated my hygrometer and put it in the incubator. And added water to the tray. Now, my question is I know everyone has a little bit different opinion on humidity settings.

    Some do dry incubation. I'd love to do that but can't as where I live it is already very dry here and when I put the hygro in the bator w/ no water in the bator humidity reads 0.

    So, w/ that said if I recall humidity for the first 17 days should be 42-48% is this correct. And at Day 18 it's up to about 65-70% is this correct?

    Finally last year when I was hatching I noticed every other day, and sometimes everyday I was having to add a bit of water to the bator to keep the humidity where it needed to be. Anyone else have to add water that frequently? BTW, I use a forced air Hovabator.

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    Yea 45+- and 65+-.sounds good.I live in an area the exact opposite .In winter its either 90%Rh with south wind or 20% Rh with north. Spring and summer and fall its 90% Rh most of time.As dry as you are makes sense that you have to add more water than normal ...cva34

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