humidity went up day 17 in incubator- no water in tray


Nov 14, 2009
I'm hatching 8 eggs on a hobator because the broody abandoned them after a week. Haven't done this before. I had the humidity between 45-50 and yesterday it had increased to 55 so I covered part of the water tray. This morning the humidity is almost 60, and the water tray is dry. The temperature had also increased from 100 to 102 yesterday, which I corrected. Today is day 17. What's happening? Why did the humidity increase while the water level decreased? Is moisture coming out of the chicks? I candled yesterday and according to a chart I found online the air spaces looked about right. Should I add water today or wait til tomorrow, day 18, when the humidity is supposed to be increased?


5 Years
Apr 15, 2014
I have no clue but I'm on day 18 of my first hatch and my incubator started going crazy the last couple of days. Its gotta be the eggs! I asked and no one answered. I'm recalibrating my thermometers in a few minutes but my temp went from 101 to 103 and I fear I cooked them but there's no reason for this jump and my humidity increased too with no changes on my part for either. My humidity is leveling out today day 18 and I'm gonna get it up tonight since I put my eggs in late afternoon of April 6th.

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