hurt baby chick

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Mar 28, 2018
i just got baby chicks from a store yesterday, and once i got home i realized one of them was hurt. she hops around on one leg and the other is tucked up underneath her. she keeps the foot limp and she never puts in on the ground. she lays down all the time and hops around to eat food and drink water. i am not sure what is wrong with her, does anyone know a solution?
Can you post a picture? It sounds like you might be describing splayed leg, which is easily fixed, or a slipped tendon, which unfortunately is nearly impossible to fix.
I hatched a few of my girls eggs and one of them has the same issue with a turned out leg. l was wondering if you got any answer or sudgsuggest on how to help your little guy out. I've tried warping it but then she want move around at all. I have prayed and prayed. I'm just hoping someone will tell me how to help her.


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More pics of her


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