May 16, 2017
[GALLERY=][/GALLERY]My family recently got new chicks of assorted breeds. The affected chicken is a Silkie. She was found this morning, still alive but I don't know for how much longer. She was under all of the other chicks in our small pen. Her neck is bent about 90 degrees, sometimes it varies and she will stand almost completely straight, other times her head is almost upside down. I looked it up and found a disorder called "stargazing" in which the chick has not enough vitamin B so their head goes back, blah blah blah, y'all should know this disorder. But this chick was trampled, nothing else. Right now we put the silkie in a box inside with fluff and water and food, along with an Easter Egger because chickens are social animals.

Anyways, her neck is bent and I'm worried her time is running out. Is there anything I can do to fix her neck? If not, can she live with a neck like this?


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8 Years
Jan 4, 2012
Buy some poly vi sol without Iron...
It helps the chick heal and gives them vitamins...
I'd be cautious adding a chick with them.... keep a good eye on them as so no pecking or pushing is going on...
The chick needs rest... most neck injuries have healed up for us, and the neck went back to normal.... about a week to 10 days...
but if it does you still have to be careful because its easily injured again...
If possible, help the chick get water often.... so they dont get dehydrated ....
and maybe hold their head in your hand upright and try and see if they can eat...

I'm sorry this happened to your baby...
Hope all works out for both of you... =)

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