I am hatching shipped eggs in an incubator. Will an egg with a blood ring still have active looking veining?

dawn secord

May 12, 2016
North Texas
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I have been incubating shipped eggs for the first time. I am at day 18 and lock down. I have hatched many eggs in the past, just not shipped eggs. There is one egg with a detached air cell that I have been not turning to try to reattach the aircell. I candled the eggs at days 10, 14 and now 18. It looks like this one egg is developing more slowly than the others. I can not tell if the air cell is getting established or if it is the beginning of a blood ring - with the detached air cell, it is just unclear. If it is a blood ring, would the veining still look viable. It does on this egg. It almost seems like, developmentally, this egg is still at day 14ish. Thank you for any advice.
Could you try to post pictures? If there are veins it is probably alive although it's hard to say without seeing it
It may have died recently and perhaps the blood hasn't receded from the veins yet, do you have a picture? How did it look at previous candlings?
I will go take a photo. Just starting lock down and don't want to contaminate the other eggs. It has been developing the same as the other 5 eggs - just has had a detached air cell. Hard to tell if the air cell is developing or a blood ring. Thanks for any advice.
Just took the photo of the egg. The egg is setting up in an egg carton section to keep it from being rolled by the incubator. I have been hand rolling it 3x daily - very gently. It has been candled day 10, 14 and now 18 at lock down. The other 5 eggs are doing great and are where they should be. This egg suddenly seems developmentally behind the other eggs. There is a slight hallow where it appears to be the air sac. Not sure if an air sac is finally developing/settling or if it is the beginning of a blood ring. If it is the air sac, not sure if I should set the egg up more horizontally in the egg container. Don't want to give up on the little one but don't want to endanger the others with bacteria. Thank you for any and all advice.


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Very odd. For day 18, there should be a ton more development than that! But it won’t hurt to leave it in. It’s not going to explode on you, there’s no obvious “rot” going on.

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