I Am Looking for 3-4 Young Hens Good Layers near West Linn, Or.


11 Years
Sep 28, 2011
West Lnn, Oregon
I have 7 hens now and two roosters, and I love them all. I have so many people asking for eggs that I would like to get another 3-4 hens!

I do not want to handle an incubator at this time. I have too many projects to do. The hens could be a couple months old-- just so they are old enough to withstand the cold outside.

I would like the hens to be young so that they will lay a lot and will fit well with our under a year old hens and roosters.

Ideally I would find different breeds because I enjoy all the different colors and personalities. It is not vital, but just would be fun. I would be fine on 4 of the same breed. More important than the animals being different breeds are: Young, good layers, inexpensive. I would love to find them for 5 dollars each, but I am open to ideas, and maybe a trade of some sort.

Currently we have:

1 Buff Orphington hen
1 Barred Plymouth hen
1 Aracauna hen
4 Rhode Island Red Hens
1 Barred Plymouth Rooster
1 Mixed Easter Egger (probably)

I found 3 beautiful hens since I posted that posting. I am new to the forums at Backyard Chicken and not sure exactly what is expected on the forum. I appreciate what you say about them being in small groups: We have the 4 Rhode Island Reds with one rooster. We have three others with the second roo. We got three more, and they tend to go out in our yard together. So, your observation is helpful. We were concerned that the 3 new ones were not going out with the others.

For now, I am not going to take a fairly long trip to get more hens. I now have 10 hens and 2 roosters, and we plan to not take more unless the person is nearby and free! I may change this later one, once I see if the hens lay an egg a day in warm weather.

The above said: I would love to come get yours. I LOVE all my chickens. They are so adorable! I would enjoy having more, and yours sound wonderful. I can see you are a chicken lover yourself.

Thanks very much.

I have two giant Cochin's I am looking to find good homes for. they are not good production layers or not what I would call a good production layer but there great value is that they go very broody and have a great personality. this is why we got Cochin's. we are in Oregon city and I would be willing to let them go if it is a good home for 10 a piece. they are brown and they are just under one year. Cochin's are slow to mature so they have not been laying that long. they lay a round brown egg. look up Cochin's and you will fall in love. we take very good care of our hens. we did have a coxi trouble so they have been treated for coxi and I keep a close eye on them. these have never shown signs but i am paranoid because like I say we love our birds and they are good girls..

let me know

oh my older Cochin's have hatched out lots of babies for us, we dint use brooders because if they hatch the babies they take care of them it is so fun to watch them teach there babies and bring them out to show you when they hatch. that is why I am willing to get rid of these two I have others and my hubby said get rid of some or no babies this spring :( if you know of anyone close looking for roo's tell them about us we have like 8 more than we need...
oh if you could isolate your barred rock and roo we could negotiate the price for some fertile eggs. my hubby loves the barred rocks so I could maybe talk him into letting me hatch some of thoes...

dont you love the babies we have 4 now...

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