I believe my 2 year old chicken may be sick (hoping not though), help?!

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    So one of the sweetest chickens I have has been losing feathers like crazy. She gets along with ALL my other chickens and the rooster rarely bothers her. They're all bantams so my rooster tends to go for my smaller chickens. At first I thought she was plucking her own feathers (maybe itching a little bit too) but then she flapped her wings and a good amount of feathers came off of her then. Now, it's migratory season for red tails right now and I already had one of my sweet little chickens killed so we haven't been letting them out unless supervised, which is for at least one hour a day. I've read some other posts and realize that having them go from free roam 24/7 to being cooped up for some time during the day can be stressful. I've also read up on mites but all my chickens have had them before (cured by 7-dust) and it doesn't seem anything like that, plus she's the only one this is happening to. Also read some on molting and how it can happen up to two times a year, but she's the only one losing feathers and she's already two years old. I'm hoping someone with a little more knowledge on this can help out!
    P.S. Other than this, she is acting totally fine and her behavior is normal :)
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    Cute video - at the end though, the hen laid white eggs & brown eggs - that must have been some molt.
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    [​IMG]lol yep

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