11 Years
Oct 5, 2008
Hope Mills, NC
I had 3 chickens to start with. They were all Dominiques. Sadly, I learned that oposumms are evil!

They left me with one dominique.

I got a delaware and a americauna. They were supposed to be pullets, but the breeder asked me to bring them back to be sexed (roosters not allowed where I live) and they were ALL ROOSTERS. What a luck of the draw!

But since he understood our circumstance before we bought them, he's agreed to trade

He has some dominiques, rhode island reds, americaunas, and some delawares. I don't know what I want. I just want them as pets. They will have a 8x4x4 coop and a 12x8x4 run. I am only getting 2 this time.

And if anyone knows, when is the best time to switch to scratch from start and grow.

Thanks much, LEAH
Well, the feed bags that I've gotten usually say that you should switch from the Start & Grow when the birds are 18 weeks old. That's what we did.

Wishing you good luck with these two chicks!
Sorry to hear about your babies! Rotten possums! EEEEWWWW! They are sick animals!!!!

Well I can't help you on choosing the breed, but if it were me, I'd take one of each.
I am not good on deciding.

Unless weather plays a factor where you are, I guess I would research which ones are hardy or what ever you want in a chicken, if that makes sense.
Whether isn't a problem. It NEVER snows and it isn't too hot either. I think the high was 95 this year and the lowest in January was like 40. I am building them a new coop now, and considering insulation. I don't think it's necessary though.
Why not get an Ameraucana (for those nifty green eggs), a RIR (for the personality of course!) and keep your Dominique hen!
If I couldn't have my brahmas, I'd have delewares.

Insulation is a good idea. Keeps a coop cool in the summer and warmer in the winter.
Our spoiled chickens did fine over the summer too.... and with such mild winters, we're not bothering with insulation either. In NC its just not worth it, especially with such hardy birds. (We're ALL Silkies here though, GREAT pets)
Did your Dominique that survived (evil possums!) end up being a roo as well?

This might help you decide between the breeds.

Why are you only getting two? Sounds like you'll have enough room for at least a couple more than that...

I second the Ameraucana ~ it might be an Easter Egger (mutt that has the blue egg gene, I think, instead of a purebred) though so you might want to ask.

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