I completely understand you Orpington lovers now!


Resistance is futile
11 Years
Mar 21, 2008
I've been assimilated! LMAO I have a bunch of hatchery chicks.... 2 of which are Buff Orps. All of the other birds are skittish and hate being picked up..... those Buff Orps though... they love to investigate! They come over and pick at my shoes and if I pick them up they just sit there and hang out
They are soooo friendly! I will definitely be getting MORE Orps! I have 5 BBS Orp eggs in the bator and I can't wait!!!!
I still don't get it.

I have three of 'em and pardon me for being frank, but I call them "Buff Boringtons".

What's the deal with them? They don't lay as much, they don't look as nice, they don't do anything but exist and eat food.
Maybe it depends on where you get yours from
The two I have... even for hatchery chicks.... are absolutely endearing!
They have a sweetness about them that most of my other breeds just don't have.
I agree, I don't find them boring at all. They are the most beautiful, friendly, massive birds I've ever seen. Mine lay very good and are great mothers and excellent foragers. My rooster is even trained to roost on command.

Guitarists - you are hooked now..there's no going back.
Let us Orp fans know when you need some more. I'm sure we could all help with your new addiction.
Welcome to the world of Orpingtons! They are awesome birds!

Just wait until your BBS babies hatch! Then you really will be hooked!

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