I don't think I can let my guineas out!

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by Finn's Mom, Jul 18, 2010.

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    They are too friendly! They run to (not at) my lab to greet him and hang out next to him when he hangs out in the shade next to their run. They were completely unfazed by the men working around them putting up the surrounding permanent run and garden fence yesterday and here I was worried they would be freaked out. Latin music is soothing, apparently. I am worried they have turned into chickens or worse have lost their instinct to run from danger. And there is a lot to fear around here (fox, coyote, unknown dogs, my mother's husband barrelling down my driveway at 30mph . . .) They are 11 -- almost 12 weeks old right now. Tell me they will get more feisty?
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    The one known thing about guinea fowl is that nothing is known. That behavior is unlike any guinea I have ever owned but I am sure not unheard of. I would guess they could just as quickly freak out everytime you come around.

    As much credit as they get for sounding an alarm when a predator comes around they sure get snapped up by predators a lot. Mine make noise at all times but fail to get into a tree at the critical moment more often than not. I lock mine up every night. Next year when they start to lay if you have good cover you will have a hard time finding them if they are not locked up.

    I have trees but all quite close to my buildings and they still managed to hide from me but not the fox.

    They are wacky birds and that is a fact
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    I should add to their list of oddities, they love to run toward the garden hose while I am watering the nearby veg and flowers to get hosed down. Of course I sprinkle them, not blast them, but my chickens don't even do that. It's hot, so it makes sense. Thinking guineas, they are. Well, lets say 4 of 5 anyway. Bless her heart, the normal one.
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