I dream....


May 20, 2020
Good post! Hmm...I dream of a world where no one picks rabbits up by the ears, and I also dream of a world where not only chickens, but people of all shapes, sizes and colors can also cross the road without question. Or arrest. But this is supposed to be a happy, humorous thread so let's see what I can contribute: My cat, whom I have adored for 16 years now, poops in the litter pan, and then comes in to howl loudly (he's the one in my 'avatar' picture there) that he has USED THE TOILET SO SOMEONE PLEASE COME FLUSH IT FOR ME! Seriously...he does this unless his sister goes in and covers it for him. So then we must (while he watches) go in and remove the offending poop with designated tongs, flush the poop down the toilet, and smooth out the "good" litter for him for future poopings. Note: if he only pees, he will still come tell us about it, but there's no insistence that anything needs to be done other than commend him loudly for being a good boy!

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