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I found a very interesting computer program.

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by smileyfacecat, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. smileyfacecat

    smileyfacecat Chirping

    Jul 24, 2009
    Wrentham, MA
    While browsing the web, looking for computer gadgets, I came across a program called SmartDraw 2010. You can do just about anything with it- make floor plans for a house (or coop), set up a family tree, make a pedigree chart for your animals, just about anything and everything! I downloaded the free-trial, and so far, I love it! I have scanned my computer again and again just to be sure, and it came up clean (no viruses or spyware). I am seriously considering buying it. I wanted to tell all of you about it, because I think you could use it to make coop building plans or make pedigrees for your chickens, or even logo's for your business!
    You can check it out for yourself, http://www.smartdraw.com/

  2. gritsar

    gritsar Cows, Chooks & Impys - OH MY!

    Nov 9, 2007
    SW Arkansas
    Thanks for the link. I saved it to favorites for DH to look at later. He's into that sort of thing. [​IMG]

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