I got a welder yesterday!

seismic wonder2

I got mad ninja skills
12 Years
Feb 3, 2007
san diego ca
I was out welding stuff....even things that don't need welding...

Way back in High school I got offered several career welding jobs because I could run a bead that looked like a row of dimes layed over, and the slag would just curl up behind my welds.

After 20 odd years of being a computer tech working in a nice, clean, ariconditioned envoronmnent....I can't weld fer crap.
I ran some of the ugliest beads I've seen...Boy I need to practice more.
Kewl. Dh has been saying he wants to get one for awhile now. Okay so what are you going to make? I think dh wants his to work on old cars and stuff. I want him to make me garden art and trellises etc. lol.
I just got my welder back from my BIL. Been in his shop for WAY longer than in mine. My current plans are to use it to build my next chicken coop. I am recycling a couple trailer loads of metal pallets, we get small tractors delivered on them, into a end all beat all coop.

I mainly got it for those little odds-n-ends where I broke womething and had to pitch it because I had no way to fix it.
Secondly it was on sale at Harbor Freight for $80.00. I couldn't pass it up.
I got the welder, an automatic darkning helmet, and an angle grinder all for $100.00....Harbor Freight has good sales from time to time.

It's a 90amp flux core wire welder. Designed for small stuff up to about 1/4" or 1/8" I can't weld together a car frame but it's perfect for my little things around the house and the Rock Shop things that students break all the time.

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