i got bit by a mouse!!!

Pet mouse or wild mouse? I had a hamster bite through my finger to where you could see the two teeth wounds from the top side of my nail... he was a pet though and I just washed it off... not sure what you should do if it was a wild mouse.
Is this a wild mouse or one you have as a pet?

Edit: Looks like I was thinking the same as you, silkie, just a touch slower.
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it was a wild mouse that managed to get in my feed bin. i washed it while i was out there and sprayed blue kote on it. i just washed it with peroxide and bandaged it.
My doctor isnt in today.
u think this can wait till tomorrow?
I have been bit by a wild mouse before. You need hydrogen peroxide. Make sure your finger hasbeen cleaned then use it then bandage

We arent doctor. We cant safely give out human medical advice.....just to be safe, I would call your Dr. tomorrow and just leave a message or speak with a nurse. I am SURE you are fine, but cant take that chance. Wild mice (if it is wild) carry diseases that are zoonotic.​
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