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I got my Baby chicks!!!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by 6Chickens&counting, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. 6Chickens&counting

    6Chickens&counting Chillin' With My Peeps

    Jun 7, 2011
    I can't seem how to put pictures on.... well if you can help I will post a bunch!! They are so cute!!!
  2. theoldchick

    theoldchick The Chicken Whisperer

    May 11, 2010
  3. chickmama320

    chickmama320 Chillin' With My Peeps

    Mar 3, 2009
    Back Swamp NC
    They way I do it is I upload mine to BYC- at the top of the page (not the very top that is the "menu" for the whole site, but the forum top) and click on uploads. Once I upload them, I then copy the image line (there will be an image selection and a thumbnail selection). Copy the image line and then paste it into my post. Hope that helps!!
  4. colebarnhart

    colebarnhart Chillin' With My Peeps

    When you're logged in you have to click the "Uploads" link in the blue horizontal bar up top under back yard chickens forum. Then after you upload and ready to post, you have to click on uploads again and copy and paste the link to your picture that you uploaded. Does that make since? It sounds like a pain in the a@@ but once you get the hang of it, it's not so bad.
  5. JodyJo

    JodyJo Chillin' With My Peeps

    Sep 27, 2010

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