I have a houdini cat to mind, help she's missing.

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  1. Why and how do cats find such good hiding places inside a house.
    Ive had enough of this, ive made 3 trips to the house and im going back tonite, this cat has gone into hiding and I cant find her anywhere.
    Maybe I should let off a firecracker or start up a vacuum cleaner to flush her out of her spot.
    Her owners phoned today to see how they are going, she has 2 other cats inside whom she fights with, the 2 others are sociable but this girl disappears whenever I open the door.
    The owners want me to find her NOW which is fine, but it is a real task as it is a BIG house!
    My mum is staying here tonite and I have to leave when she is asleep to go back once again to try and find her.
    Dont worry im just having a RANT!!![​IMG] This is just one of the pitfalls of petsitting!!!
    [​IMG] :thun [​IMG]
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  2. Well, I found her inside the house, boy is she fast!!
    I opened another tin of food and served it in their saucers then pretended to leave the house by opening and closing the front door and sneaking back again on my tippee toes.
    I hid in the kitchen and they came out one by one!!
    So I came home 2 hours later and had to check in here before I go to sleep!!
    Nitey nite!
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    Apr 12, 2007
    I think as you go from room to room looking for her I would close the door behind me. Or act like you are leaving again and hide so you can get past them to close doors, limit the cats to where they can go so you know where they are. You are very right in they can get into many places. I had a cat that would get into our recliner by a small hole under the back of it. Also they made a hole in the bottom of the box springs of out bed and would sneak up under there and hide. Good luck, Jenn
  4. Thanks, I found her spot, under the car and inside the bonnet somewhere!!!dang cat!!they should know that i love them.

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