I have a leaning duckling


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Hello! I am a new user, I'm going through my mom's profile since I'm having trouble with my own. I am 16 and was just gifted my first pair of ducklings that I have been very excited for. They are about three weeks old, just recently bought from our local tractor supply. We use to have chickens, but we have never had ducks. The brooder is about 84 degrees, they're eating non medicated chic food and they just received brewer's yeast today because we could not find any so we had to order some online. The smaller of the two chicks, over the last two days has his head constantly tilted to the right. It's to the point now where it's almost constantly leaning to the right even while eating and drinking. Does anybody know what would cause this?? Any other information is very helpful and open to. Thank you in advance for your time and answers.View attachment 1304270


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Make sure to give 1 Tab per cup of feed you maybe seeing a niacin deficiency I'd think seriously about getting a liquid B complex since it has all the B's in it and your duckling may need some of the others too.
I believe it an easy fix but may take close to a week to see complete recovery if Nutrient def is what it is. Mix the BY into their feed or sprinkle on top.

They sure are adorable.
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