I have a trick chick question about coop design

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    Feb 13, 2009
    I'm building a chicken coop that is two levels, one on top of the other. The top level where they roost is 4 x 8. The bottom level, where I will have their feed, water and nesting box is also 4 x 8.

    The bottom started out to just be shelter for when they were in the run, but now my sweetie wants more chickens so was wondering if this layout would work and if it would hold more than one chicken per four square feet. The original top half where they are going to roost, according to the math, would hold about eight chickens.

    My question is: would this layout work with the feed, nesting and water on the bottom, the roost on the top, and will it hold more than eight chickens without problems? The run is 20 square ft. per chicken. In the summer, they free range, in the winter they're cooped up.
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    Why not make just one volume , with the height being the total of the two levels added together. Possibly a walk in version, and you would have added comfort of maintenance made easy. Also easier to ventilate , and larger volume means more comfort for more chickens. You can place roost bars in best location to your specific design.
    Look up coops and design in the learning center and see if you can get some GREAT IDEAS there. I am only suggesting what I am Imagining from your description.
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    In good weather where they're only using the coop for sleeping, probably not an issue. Unfortunately if they're kept in the coop in inclement weather, they are not going to spread themselves evenly over two levels. Likely they will mostly cram together in the bottom level during the day, which will limit you to roughly 8 chickens despite having the two levels.

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