I have come to the conclusion that I hate pigs.


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Doesn't matter what kind, how big, nothing. I hate pigs. They can be the cutest things in the world, but I hate pigs. I hate our pigs. I never want to have pigs again. I hate pigs. Every pig, any pig, all pigs in the world. I hate pigs.

Guess I've made my point. Should I explain? I suppose so.

Today our 2 pigs were supposed to go to the butcher. But they put up such an ENORMOUS FUSS about getting in Daddy's pickup that by the time they were in, it was way past the closing time. So, then we had to figure out a way to close the tailgate. That alone took at least an hour. And once they were in, they wouldn't stop pushing the tailgate and the cap, even with cable ties on both. And now, pigs put off so much body heat that it's like a furnace in there, and we're afraid they're going to die of heatstroke before 6 AM, the latest possible time to get them in. We tried calling some local folks who have livestock trailers, but 1 can't, 1 is closed, and the third didn't answer the phone.

Repeat: I hate pigs.

ETA -- Oh yeah, and we all have many, many bruises and cuts and scrapes from our nearly 3 hour failed attempt at getting them to the butcher. The pigs nearly broke my hand, my arm and my mom's arm, nearly ran away millions of times....
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Yeah well, they were supposed to go in a long time ago, but indirectly got wormer in their systems. So if we wait any longer they'll be tough and nothing but fat. I am sick of them.
I agree. Aren't these the same pigs that ate the eggs after the chickens were wormed and you had to wait a little while before them getting butchered? Ugh... and now this. I don't know. But I also think its a sign. These pigs don't belong at the butcher.
Very tasty creatures these are.
Hose em down in there to cool them off & if necessary, put a fan on them too. That will keep them nice & cool til morning. Don't be a hater...just imagine how good they will taste this time tomorrow
Pigs sure can be fun to load, no?

It's harder to load a few pigs than a herd of pigs. Did you try the ramp & grain-trail method?

Hope you can keep them cooled down overnight.
Haha... yeah... tons of fun...

Yeah, we did the ramp and the food trail. We brought them down to the driveway in hog panels bent into teardrops -- a method we read about in a library book -- and had their meal in their feed dishes in the truck, with a trail leading in. Let's suffice it to say... it didn't work. But at least they're in. Man... pigs make the world's most horrifyingly loud noises! My dog Ginger was very upset and kept running around us making sure we were okay. Such a good dog...

The weather cooled off with some rain, and they've calmed down now. Let's just hope they don't bust the tailgate on the road in the morning!

I'm very sore. x_x
Exactly how I feel!! I can hardly wait for those pork chops and the bacon and the ham steaks... We're getting some sausage, and having some ham and bacon smoked too.
If only they didn't have to be such blockheads sometimes!!

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