I have more sweet keets!


The Crazy Chicken Lady
Apr 22, 2008
upstate SC
I so love them at this age. I can hold them and love them. In another few days they will run screaming from me and no matter how much I offer meal worms they will not eat out of my hand.
But for now, I have more sweet keets!






Pretty babies and nice variety. We started last summer with plain pearl guineas, but they were carrying the lavender gene, so this year we have lav babies. I saw some whites and pieds at the TSC and couldn't resist, so I added one of each to the mix. I've heard them both "buckwheating" so they are both hens. Next year I hope we'll have a real grab-bag of colors!
Oooh LOVE the color assortment, looks like one of my hatches

And um... YIKES Amy, I'd remove that newspaper or cover it with something non-slip like textured paper towels or rubberized shelf liner ASAP so they don't injure their joints and end up with splayed leg problems
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This was taken first day of hatch. They are now down in the barn on non skid woven bags. I never leave mine more than 24 hours on newspaper. This was my third hatch and so far no problems.
I have another 2 hatches due next week!
Wow ok... You've been one of the lucky few that got away with the newspaper... it's usually the first 24 hours after hatching when they are still so awkward/wobbly on their feet that one slip can injure joint and then in their repeated struggles to use the leg on a slippery surface it can really quickly splay a leg (or both). Glad you didn't have to fix any keets!

Woven bags are a good idea!!! I might have to steal that idea from you for next season. The rubberized shelf liner works good, but sounds like the woven bags would be a little more absorbent, resulting in less poopy feet, especially overnight when my keets all tend to ransack their brooders with an all out poopfest party, lol.

Congrats again on your cute babies, and good luck on your next hatches!
I use the shelf liners in the hatcher so when they hatch they are on that instead of that horrible wire.
The woven bags are nice loose weave but not enough for them to get a toe in it and it isn't very absorbent. I usually have to change the bags every other day in the 4' plastic tub. The 6' brooder can last about 3 days before needing changing depending on how many are in it.
I wish I could use hay all the time.

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