I hope this crop bra works!!

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    Hey guys!! So I have an Orpington who I believe has a pendulous crop. :hit I am going to try a crop bra that I made myself. I wanted to post a picture to see if it might help anyone else come up with their own designs. I saw that the crop bras that you can buy are just little squares with some straps on them basically. So I cut out two squares of material from some old jeans I used to have and sewed them together. I then put two pieces of elastic on the front of the crop bra and sewed those on. You could totally make it fit your bird however you want to. I didn't want to cut out a belly piece so I decided to try the square. I hope this post helps someone! I might cut it smaller because it looks too big and I might add some padding to the part that will be holding her crop so that it doesn't rub and cause blisters. Anyways.. please cross your fingers!! I'm hoping this will work!! IMG_4121.JPG
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    Great crop bra! Genius!

    You'll know it's working if the crop empties as it should overnight and is flat first thing in the morning. You want it to gently support the crop, not bind it.

    Don't worry if it takes a few days to get it adjusted just right. Do you plan on crisscrossing the straps? Hens are Houdinis at getting out of garments.
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    next thing she'll be complaining of back aches.
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