I invented a game for the chickens FOODBALL

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  1. Attackdog4

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    May 12, 2019
    :yesss:A while back (a few years a go) I created a game to watch the chickens play (usually young players and for entertainment to us) so You Throw the food and whoever picks it up gets a point but they only get the point if they eat it bread usually works best but you can use any food and you throw the food down which at which ever chicken gets the food gets a point and I think you should separate them into teams and it’s pretty fun to watch them play But don’t put jerseys on him that’s just abuse I remember their teams if you did teams and you don’t have to play they don’t even know they’re playing she’s eating they always like to take food from each other it’s pretty fun to watch:yesss::highfive::frow
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    :gigMy chicks love this game with crickets and mealworms. Teams would be easy, about half ate mostly black and the rest are all a mix.
  3. Attackdog4

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    May 12, 2019
    Oh you tried it great
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    We had a similar game. Toss a catydid to them. We gave points to whomever got to eventually stop it from making noise. It was hilarious.

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