I just got a letter from the zoning board :*(

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by dawnjoennikki98, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. dawnjoennikki98

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    Oct 5, 2010
    New Jersey
    One or more of my neighbors have turned me in. I know its my own fault, but I am so sick over this, and just out of my mind. I have 8 ducks, that my daughter and i incubated. They hatched in late August. We JUST completed the run for them, been working on it for about two months now....NOW someone complains?? My daughter has a serious anxiety disorder, and depression. This past summer, she was 11 and having suicidal thoughts. She was hospitalized. Long story, but the ducks were her saving grace...She is their "mommy" and there is no way she can give them up...and it is all my fault ..... My options are to write a letter to mayor and council asking for a waiver to keep the ducks...very unlikely to get. and have a site surveyer survey the property and structure, and turn that in with an application for a permit for the run. if it has no floor, and is just wood and wire, is it actually an accessory building??? Any words of wisdom, or advice is appreciated.... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Jan 3, 2010
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    I don't know your area - perhaps you can find someone here who lives in the same town. They may have some advice.

    I would consider trying to communicate with the powers that be, along the lines of explaining your daughter's therapy includes the ducks. It's no guarantee, but it is a possible course of action.
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    Good Luck, I hope it all turns out well for you both. [​IMG]
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    Ok, first of all check the ordinance. Does is say waterfowl or poultry? Poultry is not the same as waterfowl. If it does not say waterfowl then you have a very good change. Next talk to your doctors and have them write letters about your daughters condition and that the loss of the birds could put her back on a down spin perhaps resulting in suicide. Trust me nobody wants to take the chance or being the cause of a down spin in your daughter. There is such a thing as service animals for those that have medical issues. It will be probably be impossible to get them certified as service animals, but the city council may be willing to slightly over see this a qualify the current flock. They may not allow you to breed them or to increase the flock, but they may allow you to keep them. You never know. I would fight it from all ends in a nice way. Put sugar into your mouth, have tears flowing, and make everyone feel like sorry for you. You may even use the local media to your advantage. You will be surprised how they like to eat stories like that, and their influence speaks loud and heavy. Especially when someone wants to be reelected. Even a compromise of keeping half of them would be a victory.
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    May 26, 2010
    Waterford, Michigan
    i am sorry to hear about your daughters diagnosis.
    it is wonderful that she was diagnosed so young though.
    certainly, i would talk to the doctor/doctors that diagnosed her and ask them for help.
    find out if there are any loopholes where you are living.

    do your neighbors know how the ducks have helped your daughter?
    what is it that is annoying them? sounds? smell? mess?
    it could be settled with fewer ducks of the same sex.

    hmm, maybe ask for some time to settle it for your daughter so she does not regress.
    i have a major depressive disorder, and this kind of set back could be low and deep,
    when i have them, it gets harder each time to catch up.
    (but i was an adult and not treated until i was 30)

    i will be praying for you and your daughter to keep up your strength and keep some birds.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    certainly what katharina said too,
    keep sugar in your mouth and tears flowing.
    (your daughter neednt be exposed though)
    and good god, they would not want to be the ones responsible for a suicide.
    she has been hospitalized for it, definitely do whatever you can.
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  6. Miss Lydia

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    Sure hope you get to keep them,sounds like kathariad has the plan that hopefully will work for daughter and you, all the best thoughts
  7. desertdarlene

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    Aug 4, 2010
    San Diego
    I would fight this, too. It seems you like you have special circumstance. The might be willing to compromise by, possibly, saying you could keep a few ducks, so be prepared that you might have to give some away. Good luck!
  8. dawnjoennikki98

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    Oct 5, 2010
    New Jersey
    Whew! Thank you Katharina, you and everyone else is calming me down a bit, and giving me some hope. yes if we could even keep some that would be better than none! I was worried about being so specific about my daughter, but that is exactly what I am afraid of happening. I might as well voice that. the letter says to write a letter to mayor and council asking for a waiver and the reasons why i should get one. that's for the ducks. The structure, i have to go see someone, and apply for a permit. i need two copies of a site survey??? and 2 constuction plans?? i have niether of these....
  9. Miss Lydia

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    you need to get the media involved in this.
  10. sourland

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    May 3, 2009
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    I doubt that a wire and wood frame run is an accessory building. Question some people in your town as to the definition of an accessory bldg. Are the ducks the problem or is it the fact that you built a so-called "accessory building" without a permit? If the permit is the problem, I think you can work this thing out relatively easily. If push comes to shove, enlist the aid of your daughter's doctor and get these ducks identified as being essential to her well being. I think this can be worked out in your favor. Good luck.

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